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Consulting; Implementation; Online Audits and Roadmap Reports;  and Training/Workshops. 


“Our community engagement team used the socially responsible assessment as a tool to ensure that we are not only doing the right things in our work, but that we are doing things right. The tool was very helpful in giving us insights on what we are doing well, and where we need to advance our work.”

—Sandra Seader, Assistant City Manager

Confidential Online Audits 

The Sage Works confidential online audit helps organizations better understand and assess their management, policies, and practices regarding communication and engagement with all their stakeholders, from employees to the community.

Sage Works offers two services in this regard. An organization may choose to take the online confidential audit and engage in internal discussions, or you can answer the questionnaire and have us analyze your responses and provide advice on how to more effectively communicate and engage.

Asking the right questions unearths the best answers. We ask a comprehensive set of questions and you get valuable answers.

Consulting Services

Management Consulting on Effective Policies and Programs 

If your organization takes the assessment, we can provide guidance and assistance on implementing any improvement you want to make.

Regardless of whether your organization utilizes the online diagnostic tool, Sage Works can consult on developing and/or fine-tuning your stakeholder policies and programs. We analyze your specific situation and assess the need for communication, engagement, and/or problem-solving processes. Then, applying our decades of experience, we advise on socially responsible and productive communication, engagement, and problem solving.

Implementation: The Everyday Practice

Depending on your needs and staffing, we can help you design the best strategy to engage and communicate, develop the plan and programs, facilitate, and create the right materials. Our goal is your successful relationships with your stakeholders and we're happy to work with your staff to accomplish that.

Either to dissipate an ongoing problem with stakeholders or prevent new ones, we provide guidelines and services so your organization can improve internal and external stakeholder relationships, and utilize the power of your people.

Talking the Walk

Sage Works can also provide content for a variety of internal and external communication formats that captures and expresses your commitment to treating your stakeholders with respect. Or we can serve as outside "editors" and provide feedback on your materials so they are consistent and align with your stakeholder commitment.

Sage Works principal, Bojinka Bishop has won numerous awards for communication materials at the local and national level.

On-Site Workshops - For Internal Implementation

How to Apply the Sage Strategy in your Organization- ½ Day

Your team will learn the fine points of the 11 groundrules and how to apply them in stakeholder interactions. We’ll analyze and discuss practical applications, and discuss how to integrate a conscious and responsive engagement process into your organization. 

Select either an internal or external stakeholder focus.

How to Develop a Socially Responsible Communication Program – Full Day 

This workshop adds an afternoon of practical analysis and individualized program development to the morning content. Bring your thorny people issues or current policies and programs for an intensive work session to develop a true socially responsible people approach to build better social capital.

Select either internal or external communication focus. 

Sage Works - WISE ways to communicate and engage

Sage Works tailors consulting and workshops to your organization's needs.

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