Why be authentic?


Why? Your organization depends on people - employees, customers, suppliers, investors, neighbors, the community at large, and the media for its success.

Being authentic builds trust and support. It builds your social capital. It gives you flexibility. It even allows you to make mistakes.

What authenticity isn't.

It's not revealing every little thing. It's not engaging on every little thing.

What is social responsibility to stakeholders?


Social responsibility to stakeholders is treating them with authenticity and respect. Most organizations say they do that -- but then, why do we see so many disgruntled employees, angry consumers, rebellious communities, bad corporate behavior stories in the media?

True social responsibility to stakeholders involves communicating and engaging with the right people

Sage Works has a proprietary best-practices formula that assures socially responsible practices with all stakeholders. The Sage Works "Right Ways" method is based on research, experience, and is recommended by experts.

Think you already do it?


Think you're already socially responsible to all your stakeholders? Maybe your organization is. If you want confirmation, or want to figure out ways to improve your stakeholder relations, Sage Works offers a proprietary online questionnaire. It asks the right questions to assess your stakeholder programs and practices. You can just answer the questions - that is, use the questionnaire as the opportunity to step back and analyze your communication and engagement practices from a strategic management perspective. Or we can analyze your responses and provide recommendations.

Our analysis and report can boost your confidence in your communication and engagement work and can also show you ways to improve.

That's one Sage Works service - depending on client needs and preferences, we also tailor our services to analyze, advise, educate, and implement. We're your partners in Socially Responsible Stakeholder Relations.

Visit our Service Page for more details.

When - For all your people interactions

Policy Decisions


  • When your organization has a socially conscious policy on when and how to engage and collaborate with your people, it streamlines and coordinates communication strategies, builds trust, and enhances productivity and reputation. 

Community Projects


  • When a project creates change or disrupts a community, or certain stakeholders are affected negatively, the Sage Works groundrules are crucial to facilitating right-sized and successful community involvement. 

Employee Engagement


  • The Sage Works' approach assures that employees are kept in the loop and are not blindsided by decisions. This increases their engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

When you want to build trust


  • Being socially responsible in people interactions not only enhances your organization's reputation, it also builds trust and support... and adds to your social capital bank account.

In a crisis - or to avoid one


  • When organizations adhere to the groundrules of the Sage Works strategy for Socially Responsible Communication and Engagement, most crises of confidence in your organization can be avoided and solved.

To enhance reputation


  • It's not old-fashioned Public Relations. Communicating and engaging in this respectful way goes beyond image and reputation. It builds organizational character. It's also like motherhood and apple pie. It's good - and it nourishes the connection with people who make your organization successful.

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