People - your organization depends on them - employees, customers, suppliers, investors, neighbors, members, donors, the media, and more. And what you - and they - say counts.

So - treat them in a socially responsible way


Who should you engage with? When? How? 

Sage Works helps you communicate and engage at the right time, in the right ways, with the right people. Our specialty? We do it in a socially responsible way with respect for both your internal and external stakeholders.

Think you already do it? Or want to?


If you want to figure out ways to improve your people interactions, your stakeholder relations, Sage Works has the tools and services to help you talk and engage in ways that build trust and support.

You can use our online audit tool to look deeply and comprehensively at your communication and engagement policies, programs, and practices. 

That's one Sage Works service - depending on client needs and preferences, we also tailor our services to analyze, advise, educate, and implement. We're your partners in Socially Responsible Stakeholder Relations. Your partners in productive conversations.

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When - For all your people interactions

Policy Decisions


  • When your organization has a socially conscious policy on when and how to engage and collaborate with your people, it streamlines and coordinates communication strategies, builds trust, and enhances productivity and reputation. 

Community Projects


  • When a project creates change or disrupts a community, or certain stakeholders are affected negatively, the Sage Works groundrules are crucial to facilitating right-sized and successful community involvement. 

Employee Engagement


  • The Sage Works' approach assures that employees are kept in the loop and are not blindsided by decisions. This increases their engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

When you want to build trust


  • Being socially responsible in people interactions not only enhances your organization's reputation, it also builds trust and support... and adds to your social capital bank account.

In a crisis - or to avoid one


  • When organizations adhere to the groundrules of the Sage Works strategy for Socially Responsible Communication and Engagement, most crises of confidence in your organization can be avoided and solved.

To enhance reputation


  • It's not old-fashioned Public Relations. Communicating and engaging in this respectful way goes beyond image and reputation. It builds organizational character. It's also like motherhood and apple pie. It's good - and it nourishes the connection with people who make your organization successful.

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